UAW strikes again

On September 15, 2019 United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike. As the strike hits day six political candidates are taking sides.

Democrats like candidate Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stood by the strikes side in support of UAW. Former Vice-President Joe Biden tweeted, "Proud to stand with @UAW to demand fair wage benefits for their members. America's workers deserves better."

Other Democrats are showing support by aiding strikers with donuts and even holding picket signs themselves. Republicans aren’t showing the same support.

UAW are fighting for better wages and benefits after taking major pay cuts over the years. Many strikers are also in fear of GM packing up and moving plants overseas.

In the past, President Trump promised not to ship jobs overseas, yet he met up with Mary Barra on September 5 suggesting to ship manufacturing jobs to China.

If America keeps shipping jobs overseas, China could have a better economy than the United States. United States is known as the "American Dream", a place filled with opportunities. I wonder if we have to create them if they keep shipping them away.

I want to see America rise from this strike and make an agreement. Everyone deserves the best quality of life possible.

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