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U.S. May Begin to Flatten the Curve

In today's (4/13) coronavirus update, many suggestions were made that the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic has finally begun to plateau. Dr. Fauci hesitantly remarks that he is expecting the pandemic to start to slow. He states that "flattening" is being seen in states hit hardest by the virus. Countries including Spain, Italy, and Germany have all begun to decline in the number of daily cases. Seeing that the U.S. is much larger and more divided (by state governments) than these countries, the slowing of the spread is more difficult.

New York and Florida cases have taken a dip in the last couple of days. New York has been a forefront in the battle against coronavirus. They have lead the nation in case numbers and many have looked to them for advice and guidance. Several states are not experiencing the same affects.Trump says that hospitals are "not able to fill the beds" after many goverment attempts to prepare medical workers for the crisis. He says that the USNS Comfort (sent in emergency to new york health officials) has been uneeded. If true, these are signs that the war against the virus will be over soon.

Watch Trump's complete coronavirus update here.

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