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Trump Relies on American Companies During Crisis

In a recent press conference, President Trump says American companies allow him to feel "no need" to use the Defense Production Act. American companies have assured the President that they "want to do this". Among these companies are Ford, General Motors, and MMM (The 3M Company). Trumps Q&A can be found below.

What are companies doing to help?

Ford stated on March 16th that they "want to make sure that anyone who needs assistance knows it's available". The company has donated $500,000 to non-profit organizations that provide meals to those in need. They have started multiple food pantries. The company has also announced UNCF (United Negro College Fund) to assist students attending historically black colleges.

General Motors has announced a $1 million grant to nonprofit organizations. The company has also pleged to make between 50,000 and 100,000 masks per day starting March 30th. They have also created FDA approved ventilators, predicting to provide the U.S. Government with 10,000 machines a month begining in April.

The 3M Company, has ramped up its respirator production rate to 100 million per month in the U.S.. 90% of these devices have been promised to American healthcare workers.

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