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Does Trump need to be medicated?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Watching the 2020 presidential debate was like watching a child have a temper tantrum. President Donald Trump kicked, yelled, and screamed (figuratively speaking) the entire night. The out of control occupant of the White House, couldn’t stop talking long enough to allow former Vice President Joe Biden to speak for 10 seconds. The dictator to angry white people(and several Blacks) acted like a child and refused to follow the rules. At moments taking jabs at moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace because he called him out. Wallace reprimanded Trump over a dozen times for interrupting Biden and speaking longer than two minutes.

Trump's refusal to denounce white supremacy was a scene straight out of Liar Liar. The veteran news anchor asked Trump if he would denounce white supremacy, that's when Trump stated he would, but never actually denounced it. Now, some of his supporters are claiming he did indeed denounce white supremacy. After the debate, his followers jumped on social media to bash Wallace, blaming him for Trump's behavior.

Trump dished out lie after lie, starting with people stating he is doing a “phenomenal job”. The wack job even took credit for bringing football back. Trump’s inability to maintain his composure at any point during the debate confirmed he shouldn’t lead a horse to water, let alone the free world.

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