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Trump: Go Big or Go Home

The Kansas City Star screamed another front page headline today: Trump urges China to investigate the Bidens. Gracious! With all the brouhaha over the Ukraine still in full mud slinging mode, why would he just complicate his situation? Because he has nothing to lose.

What journalists never ask is, "Why was Joe Biden taking his adult son with him to the Ukraine and China in the first place? Did we pay the man's way? Was he looking for investment opportunities? Was he on the make? At what point did he profit from the association?" So busy smearing Trump, I wonder how they manage to overlook the elephant in the room. Their unwillingness to give President Trump a fair shake, the respect and decency his office requires, forces him into these wild tirades where no journalist is wont to go.

The press conveniently looked aside at the egregious deals of President Obama, gifting guns across the border, brokering deals with countries harboring terrorist ties. They turned a deaf ear to cries about Secretary Clinton's blatant twisting of the truth over Benghazi and the surreal number of suicides following every question into her activities. Yet when it comes to President Trump, it's like opening day of dear season, guns ready and sights on the target.

Why this duplicitous fixation on President Trump? Is it because he is a populist and the Democrats can't field a candidate to face him in the 2020 election? Is it because they are a bunch of sore losers? Is it because they are blind to their own candidates' tendencies to cross the line, while holding President Trump to a high standard?

As a lowly member of the general populace, I wish Congress would just focus on legislating responsibly. Create more jobs. Improve the economy. Rebuild the infrastructure. I'd love to see the press report the news without bias. Let the people decide on who they want to run the country and then abide by the people's choice. President Trump is a giant of a figure, and true to form, plays for the highest stakes. Amid all his failings (no filter, no public speaking skills, no scholarly demeanor, questionable people skills) lies this one truth: He was the choice of the people, and in another year they have the chance to choose again. Why choose to impeach him now? Because they are afraid of us lowly little people who see right through them. We just might re-elect President Trump.

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