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What a crazy planet live on. War breaking out in various parts of the world. Global warming. Mass emigration from poor and getting poorer countries to the richer ones. Melting ice caps. Degradation of the oceans.

The rich are getting richer and the poor getting steadily poorer. The rise of popularism and right wing Neo-cons. Truth is lies and lies are truth. Fake news is real news and real news is fake news.

So which of the following topics are trending on the internet? How about none!

These are just a few of many, many trending topics as of today's date. I guess if I check tomorrow, they will have changed.

  • Hash tag - a world without Twitter

  • Black Panther has caused a rise in black cat adoptions

  • Donald Trump

  • Glow in the dark don-nuts

  • New found love for GIFs

  • Memes

  • New ways to be seen and heard

  • Overcharging on Social Media

  • Shoplifter calls Uber as a getaway car

  • Tim Apple

I have to guess it is a matter of "Nero fiddling while Rome is burning". If you can pretend it's not happening, then it's not happening. Or maybe, if you ignore the problem, it will go away which is kind of like ignoring the tax man and he leaves you alone. As if!

You would think the possible end of the world would be enough to get people really worried. However, the human species has always been an exceedingly risk-averse species which is maybe, just maybe how we came to survive as a species at all.

We learned early on in our development as a species that if there were predators in one part of the jungle, we go to another. If crocodiles kept coming out of the river as we fished, we would fish somewhere else. Now, when it comes to the possible loss of the entire planet, well, shouldn't we take action? What is the answer?

Beats me. How about you?

Please comment if you feel the need. Or don't if you don't.

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