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Things That Make You Go Hmmm

I wanted to bring some very important observations to the media's attention. I haven't done much homework on who actually posts information like this but it needs to be said. I am a middle aged Afro American Professional who has been in the workforce since I was about 15 years old. I started off being a nanny/babysitter and found that to be pretty rewarding at 15. I was my own boss so to speak and managed two small children ranging from ages 5-8.

After I became an adult I started doing contract work to see which jobs were a best fit. Having some college education and course work completed I felt I was ready for a challenge. I had no problem finding jobs and the interview process was a breeze. I gained valuable skills as a processor for several banks during the course of my work history. I also gained valuable customer service skills which was a plus in the Midwest economy. The one observation I made was it's not what you know but who you know. All the valuable skills I learned I felt has been wasted. How am I to get a chance when I don't know anyone? Why is it so important to know someone? Isn't our job to be the best at what you're doing have compassion for what you're doing? If it's all about who you know it appears to me the workforce becomes a big social hall. Is this what the workforce has come to? Do we go to work just to socialize and see what bar or entertainment spot we are going to hit up later? This explains why most businesses are ran so poorly and we're behind. I have seen so many people hired into management that don't have a track record but now they have employees under them that are looking for direction and are not given effective tools to see them succeed. It is no longer about having the best successful candidates for the job but having the best candidate that can articulate well and who has the best social profile. We have to get back to the old times where people worked hard for their money and the best workers with a track record are leading. This is the main reason most are seeking their own business opportunities. Corporate America has gone down what a disappointment. Our forefathers would be so disappointed in the direction this corporate world is going. The End.

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