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The White Americans, America Tries To Hide?

The siege on Capitol Hill revealed the White Americans, America tries so desperately to hide. In the past, reporters, lawmakers, and everyone in between claimed Trump supporters were more or less uneducated White people in rural areas. However, to some surprise, there were White professionals, not just blue-collar workers ready to go to war for President Donald Trump. People like doctor Simone Gold from California, attorney Chad Hummel of Irondequoit, NY, lawmaker Derrick Evans of West Virginia, and thousands more. Well-educated people, described as animals when reports surfaced of human waste scattered about on Capitol Hill. Homegrown terrorists ready to overthrow the government by any means necessary according to various reports. How will America deal with domestic terrorists dressed up in "white skin"? Will they be treated like people of color or allowed to continue to run amuck?

America has had a long history of discriminating against people of color. Black Americans were forced into slavery before and after plantations were transformed into mass prisons. The powers that be have created a legal tool to continue to enslave large numbers of Black men and women for a substantially longer time. Studies show that higher incarceration rates could be contributed to, lower than standard educational systems, unsafe neighborhoods due to an increase in poverty, and lower wages due to racist practices. Middle Eastern Americans and foreigners have also felt the evil eye of discrimination. Many were labeled terrorists after 9/11, making them targets in various public places, especially on airplanes. Latinos and Asian Americans also felt an increase in discrimination during the Trump administration.

Now, our homegrown terrorists are making it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. How will America deal with angry White men who are their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and cousins? The response of Capitol Hill police may be an indicator. However, only time will tell as White men and women continue to be round up and stood in the eye of justice.

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