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#The Source.

What can be in the history of social networking? What websites can we share, or used to share almost everything? And how did it all start?

Communicative Digitally

It all started in blogging with friends, and other people in 1997. It was a platform called 'Six Degrees. Where you could put a profile, and chat. Although social media has been around for 40 years, with networks, and news groups. On August 1, 2003 the biggest platform of social media gain came in, and was called MySpace.

The creators of social media are Jim Ellis, and Tom Truscott. In the year of 2019, social media is decreasing, and being put into job work more. Although YouTube is a very active, and a major part of social media. So are other social media sites, as a way of connecting, and communication.

So in turn we know that the weather/sports/breaking news on any television set is by a means of past time, and of now a way of communication. To let you know what is going on in the world. Social media is the same it is just the fact that you are a part of it, you are in it, they know you. As a means to tell who you are, where you came from, to hang out virtually, and have fun!

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