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#The Scene.

What location are you in right now? Does it make it so its where your occasions, and events occur all the time? Are you living in a part, or scene where it just keeps happening? Never Ending?

Repeating over again!

When these repeats keep happening it means a lot. That some kind of thing in your events, that you have not yet taken care of. And can cause you a lot of stress. Since you did not correct the problem, you are stuck at the same scene. Scenes that do not disappear. Means your dealing with a lot of trauma of the past. You are trying to get ride of them, but they keep showing, and making you feel uncomfortable.

What you need to do is to make goals. With a pen, and paper to solve the problems you have. Goals to stick with, that can change the scene, and gain more power to yourself. Set your own schedule, and keep on it. Get good sleep, that is very important part. Change things to better yourself, and different out specks of life!

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