The reason why Italy is the most deeply affected by Covid 19

Italy has more reported Coronavirus cases than any other country on Earth, even China. This is not only a problem because China is the origin of the whole pandemic, but Italy's population is nowhere close to China's size. China has a population of over a billion people but is not dealing with the disease on the same scale as Italy and this is an alarming concern. Italy has had an open-borders policy allowing people from all over the world to come in. By opening itself up to this, Italy was kind of caught off-guard and wasn't able to defuse the problem properly. Stricter border security is why other countries aren't dealing with this pandemic to the extent Italy is. You can criticize President Trump all you want and call him xenophobic for closing off the borders, but if he didn't act, would our country have been in a greater state of chaos and disarray?

Under normal conditions, we should allow people from all over the world to come to this country to pursue the American dream. But in times of crisis we can't have a lackadaisical attitude to who can or can't enter this country. We shouldn't risk our country's health and safety just in an effort to be politically correct. When lives are on the line we can't be pressured by the media or politicians to just let anyone in because it's the politically correct thing to do. We need to be logical and pragmatic in times of crisis. I wouldn't necessarily call what we're going through as being apocalyptic but we need to be careful not careless in times like these. Otherwise America might just find itself in a situation as severe as the one Italy finds itself in.


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