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The Pandemic’s Affect On Trumps 2020 Campaign

COVID-19 struck the U.S. hard amidst democratic caucuses and ruthless presidential campaigns. Knowing what was to come, the World Health Organization (WHO) begged politicians to make ethical decisions rather than political ones. Many overlooked the warnings and faced harsh criticism from the media. Trump was just one of the politicians that attempted to politicize the global crisis.

In crisis, Trump has offered opinion over fact. He has continued to attack candidates such as Biden and Sanders. He has downplayed affects of the virus. He has also put the U.S. economy before the lives of U.S. citizens. Trump has claimed that people “want to get back to work”. In truth, people are scared.

The media has not failed to cover Trump’s lies and coverups. More and more companies abandon and disobey orders they deem to be unethical. Will the people trust Trump by November?

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