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The Pandemic Positives

I know most of you are wondering what could possibly be positive during a pandemic? I thought the same thing but I am realizing I was actually ahead of the game. I started working from home about 10 years ago but never did it on a full-time basis until about 5 years ago. I juggled multiple clients to make ends meet and have now been successful in generating steady income.

Now that this pandemic has made most people think about their own business ethics and who to trust to build their brand or gain recognition in this competitive world. I am happy to say that I was blessed with a large group of supporters on the LinkedIn platform. It has been an instrumental tool to gain training and resources to build my brand and to connect with some very great leaders. One of my connections reached out to me and was impressed with my LinkedIn page and offered me an opportunity to build a website for my business. Never before have I had anyone offer this type of service unconditionally. The reason being is that they saw the energy I gave and the interactions I made with the people I was connected with. This interaction involves congratulating others for transitioning to new opportunities or promotions, alongside wishing them happy birthdays. You will be surprised how excited people are when you offer congratulations to a stranger you barely know.

I learned how to market myself to become someone who the professional world could trust and I was offered an internship as a Social Media Digital Marketing Representative for IT lead generation businesses. It was a good way to gain more connections. My connections grew from 300 followers to almost 2000 followers in less than 3 months. Although this wasn't something I could receive revenue for it gave me a larger audience to market my business. Even though the internship role I had as a Social Media Digital Marketing Representative that didn't generate revenue, it was a ladder to the next level I would take in my life.

Now years later we are faced with this Covid19 pandemic who has forced people into situations they may not have been prepared for including loss of employment, sickness, loss of family members, loved ones and divorce. Through it all clearly it is about survival of the fittest. I am fortunate to have transitioned into the digital world before it became a such a necessity. I am grateful to always reach for the moon because I definitely plan on landing among the stars. God is good all of the time!

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