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The Most Dangerous Place

Public health and worker safety experts state that the cash register is the most dangerous place in the store. Customers, other workers and the cashier all handle the same items, then people take it home with them.

Most of us have been in a store and have taken our items up to the cash register. The distance between you and the cashier is certainly less than six feet. If a cashier is infected, or even simply a carrier, they could spread it to the customers.

Not only are customers at risk, but the cashiers themselves are at greater risk compared to their coworkers, as they have the most direct contact with other people.

In addition to offering masks to employees, retailers have taken many measures to protect staff and customers. Social distancing markers, sneeze guards and limiting the number of customers inside the store are some of these measures.

However, some cashiers say that these barriers are of limited help, because customers lean around or over the barriers. Even at self-checkouts, customers tend to crowd around employees when they need help.

Photo Credit: Madyson Bracken

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