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The Man on the Moon?

Literally did anyone tell us that one day we would be walking through a virtual world like space. But instead of those stars it would be endlessness storage of cyber data, and many files of pictures, and graphics. We do not know how far our virtual space goes too! Well it just keeps on going like a the stars, and planets beyond our reach.

How Far does space go??? We do not know right? So then how far does the cyber world go??? Do we really know? The answer is simply no. So that creates a huge opportunity for us all to advance in the cyber world. Because we are not astronauts, but we are kind of like them. We are average people just surfing the web, or making a living using the computer for school, work, help, homework, gaming, etc.

We do not know what advancement in technology that these cyber wises are going to come up with today. Heck maybe it will be living, breathing, talking robots! Or did they do that already? We see advancements in cell phones, pretty much everyday! Watches that are computers, televisions that are computers, even automobiles! What is next?

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