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The Making of a Cuisine VS INSTAGRAM

What does 2013 say? “INSTAGRAM!” If it doesn’t glow, social-eating can’t go. Sweet or savory delicacies+Instagram=Social eating. Of course, there has to be a yield which is the howness harnessed by Instagram on the culinary arts. Sourer than Sauerkraut, sweeter than strudels, bitterer than broccoli and spicier than scorpion tongue are what I’m talking about.

Historically, the word cuisine originates from the French cuisine, the Late Latin cocina and the Latin coquina. Since the Stone Ages, cooking havened humanity against disease. But in 1742, Menon introduced Nouveau Cuisine which unbuckled every contradiction in both that era as well as for epochs to come. Known as a bad connotation due to the arguments against its constriction towards only the natural flavor, its lessons prevail today in the grandest minds of the century’s chefs.

Nowadays, cooking (or should I say #FoodPorn) has been easier than ever but so has communication and arguments. Speaking of communication, social media has turned cooking, food and nutrition from the milk it used to be into the broiling, bubbling butter it now is. Instagram foods such as rainbow fried cheese and crawling sea urchins have been the hour’s trickling chocolate mousse. While there is a bitter next to every sweet, Insta-food is said to have ruined the etiquettes of culinary arts with food styling being all-the-rage rather than what’s on the plate. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the loaf of bread you choose to bite!

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