The little Things, Gone?

Where all busy in life, and work that sometimes we forget the little things that matter. Or at least mattered before when we needed it. And still fail to see the little things that we really loved, and are doing do not mean too much anymore. Not unless we are back were it mattered. Where we enjoyed the little things a lot more.

Baby Kitten getting milk

The little things in life can be easily found. From drinking, eating, helping an animal give birth to its babies. Buying just one thing that you wanted, and celebrating. Or going to Holiday parties, and being with family. Enjoying a road trip, and taking pictures of its views, to traveling anywhere with a loved one. When this is all gone, you think to yourself, I really had it good, and know I want it back. You don't know what you've got till its gone.

One if you had the stomach flu, and could not stop vomiting? Afterwards you feel like you appreciate food, water, life without pain, and can be able to speak again. There are so many other little things we do not notice either. Like our siblings. We care for them, or they care for us. And if they died, what would happen to you, where would you go, and what would you do? How would you react to know you will never see them again, and know they are gone forever. You just do not know what you have till it is gone, and respect the little things.

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