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The Homelessness Curse.

Homelessness can be the worst hell you ever have to encounter. Hardly no food, no food that you want. Living conditions are extremely sick, and scary. No job, and nothing you can look forward to. It robs you of your freedom, and free will. It is a curse!

Where will I Sleep?

Human beings are treated so badly, not fair, because their homeless. These people are literally dying on the streets while we walk passed them! Some come from war, and end up in a crisis homeless situation. Prison would be a better chance than being homeless. And that is why a lot of them are there. Because they actually get clean clothes, bed, and food. It is a tragedy, and a big one! Many homeless people go on drugs, alcohol, because their hell of having to see sickness so bad that it is not understandably. They have to get a chance of getting beaten, raped, murdered, die and more.

If you saw how people get treated for being homeless it is not right. They are treated like dirt, scum off of the face of the Earth. Which is ridiculous, they are human beings, just like everyone else. Anyone could become homeless. Here is what to do if you are homeless or going to be: get a free government cell phone, by applying for it online or in person, apply for food stamps, go to the Salvation Army, dress up clean, suit, tie, shoes, if your a man. If you are a woman dress up with non graphic tee shirts, and non jean pants. Go into a store, and apply for jobs. Have a typed paper of your resume, your work history, your experience in work, your education. Give to the employer, and wait. Sometimes we have to wait a long time, and apply everywhere, but it is worth a chance. Stay positive, and know you are loved!

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