The Helping Hand.

The feeling we walk into a store, and open the door for someone, and they say thanks, is a good thing. One if it was Christmas, other Holiday's everyday. How would that make you feel inside? Warm, kind, extra giving. To give back, and to help someone who really needs it. It is called our Good Deeds.

The Beauty to Help Others is Important

The beauty to help others is a very important factor in life. If we did not help others we would be really miserable, and unjustifiable. Plus helping others gives us a really good feeling inside. To know you stuck up for, to save from dying, to giving first aid, to comfort, to heal, to anything that helps someone when they ask for it.

It is amazing how you can lend a hand. It is your choice to help someone. If you say yes, you feel good, if you say no, you think about not helping that person for a long time. And if you help them regardless you are a true hero! A champ, a leader, to have good intentions to spread to others. Sometimes we see evil people who want to ruin us, and they have very low bad values. If someone comes in, and says hey, what the hell are you doing? To a person who is abusing you. That is a Helping Hand. People fail to realize how important values are, and how some people abuse it. If you help someone with anything, and have good intentions of integrity you are truly living. By making it the best outcome for all you have to give out for someone. It makes that person know you are bright, cool, nice, trusting, and lovable. Reach out for The Helping Hand!

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