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The Founding Document Of Ancient Egypt

Throughout history when empires and societies emerge they often have a founding document that represents their start as a people. America was established by the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Israel has the Arc of the Covenant. Modern British society emerged with the document of the Magna Carta in the 1200's. The point is that throughout history successful societies or empires have been unified and created by a founding document that represents their beginning as a people.

Ancient Egypt is no exception. As a writer and blogger I have become fascinated by ancient Egyptian antiquities, and have discovered that their society emerged from a military conquest around 3,000 BC. This conquest was led by Egypt's very first Pharaoh Narmer. Recent archaeology has shown that their empire was formed by a document representing the unification of the Northern and Southern tribes into one empire. The 5,000 year old document is known as the Narmer Palatte, and is said to be Ancient Egypt's founding document. The document represents a time in human history where for the first time ever human society was transitioning into civilization. Ancient Egypt prospered from the time of Narmer in 3,000 BC all the way up to the time of Christ. And its 3,000 years of economic, cultural, and technological prosperity all began with a single document.

Ancient Egypt's Founding Document Circa 3,000 BC

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