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The Exonerated Five ( When They See Us)

An caucasian woman (Patricia Meli) was raped in Central Park in New York April 19, 1989. I watched the documentary, "When they see us". Five teenagers was framed for the crime of rape, sexual abuse, attempted murder and assault of jogger Patricia Meli was 28 year old. The police made these teenagers confess they did these crimes through video tapes and even made them sign confessions to these crimes. They promised that would make them free instead they were in jail for a crime they didn't commit. Raymond, Kevin, Yusef, Anton and Korey Wise were known as the exonerated five. After several years the real criminal confess the crime that he raped Patrica Meli. They were released and even sue them. They received the money but it could never make up the time spent in prison for a crime they didn't commit. Freedom is something money can't buy. Four out of five married with children.

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