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The Double Edge Sword: In the Job World

Has anyone ever noticed that you are more likely to get a job if you have some real world experience? Even if you have a college degree there is no "guarantee" that you can find work in that area. That's because some employers don't want "wet behind the ears" fresh out of college they want people with previous experience in that field. Which is fine I understand that, however, this begs the question how are the college graduates supposed to get experience if no one is willing to give them a chance to use that degree they worked so hard for?

That is the big double edge sword I am speaking of in the title. Another thing I have noticed time and again is that if they do hire that fresh college graduate the person is heavily scrutinized by their peers. Some jobs yes require college degrees such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and, teachers. Yes these are fields that require a lot of study but the few that make it through college are more likely to find work in their professions. That being stated if you go to a small town you may have some trouble due to they want someone with previous experience which doesn't give them a chance to grow in the profession.

Your resume may be impressive, but without experience in that field in some way you may be overlooked for someone with that experience. Which if you think about robs people of the chance to truly reach their potential especially if they can not relocate to further seek a job they have worked hard to get in school. The same can happen if you went to a trade school. You work hard and get really good grades and you may or may not find a job willing to give you a chance.

I am not saying college or trade schools are bad education is important, but if your school doesn't have a job placement program or an apprentice program of some kind you may have a difficult time finding the right company to give you a chance. Do some digging ask lots of questions before you jump into that degree, don't worry your college adviser will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this and if they don't have an answer right away they will work to find out for you. They want you to ask as many questions as possible want you to succeed in what you want to do.

If you are an employer and are having trouble filling a position try going to a couple of local college campuses you never know you may find the perfect fit for you business in a new or soon to be graduate. You may even gain the opportunity to gain an apprenticeship program that can help students gain the experience they need in the field. Which may make your company grow or give your company the boost in morale it may have needed.

Please don't overlook someone just because they are fresh out college or a trade school they need the experience as well, yes it's nice to have someone with prior experience, however they new graduate may have some new ideas and thoughts on how things could run smoother or even a new ad idea. The sky is the limit! Everyone deserves a fighting chance to do what they love to do.

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