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The Detriment COVID-19 is causing Indiana

As a native to Indiana, US, watching the rates of COVID-19 increase has struck great fear and worry into my heart. Only just a few weeks ago, we were one of the few remaining states to have no cases, and now, as of yesterday, Indiana has 477 positive cases of Coronavirus and 14 deaths(according to the information sent out by Congressman Jim Banks). Being over 12 hours later, I'm sure there are even more increasing amount of positive cases.

So what is the state of Indiana asking Hoosiers to do about COVID-19--what kind of action can we take against the Coronavirus? Aside from social distancing, regular hand-washing, and practices of good hygiene, the state of Indiana is asking for other preventative and helpful measures. First, the Milk Bank is asking for much needed milk donations. It is very crucial right now that healthy milk be donated for babies who need it during this pandemic. You can learn more at, Indiana is asking that only the sick be wearing masks. There is a huge shortage of masks and a sick person wearing a mask could mean the difference between you contracting or not contracting the sickness. And lastly, Indiana is asking those who are at higher risk (those with immuno-compromised, have other health issues, or are of older age) during this pandemic to call or consult with their doctors as soon as they are, or think they are, showing symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Although these measures were shared with residents of Indiana, it is also important for anyone in any state or country to follow these measures. It is crucial during this time that we do as much as we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as helping those who are struggling during this time. There are many food banks, blood banks, churches, and charities that are working toward helping those who are hurting because of this world-wide pandemic--we must take action against it!

Information gathered from the Indiana state-wide issued email from Congressman Jim Banks.

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