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Throwback Tuesdays: The Breakfast Club's Most Confusing LGBTQ Interview Ever..

The Breakfast Club’s Charlemagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee sat down with Malik Yoba and several others from the LGBTQ community. The group tried to ask and answer some of the most confusing questions ever heard on radio and television.

So, from this interview, I learned that I am only a woman because a doctor assigned me this gender, NOT based on the reproductive organs I have. Then I learned, I am a Cis heterosexual because I'm attracted to men and I relate to the gender the doctor assigned to me at birth. I also learned that Malik Yoba is not gay because he’s attracted to ALL women and genitalia doesn’t define a person’s sex.

What is the Scientology mess is going on here today?! I’m all for living your truth, but to me, it felt that was the one thing Malik couldn’t actually do. We all want to hide behind titles that make us comfortable, NOT by the actual definition. By all accounts a man that has sex with another man is gay. If he has sex with men and women he is bisexual. Seems pretty simple to me.

Unfortunately, according to this group, IT AIN'T that simple. What I heard was, if a person puts on a dress, no matter if that person has a penis or NOT that person now BECOMES a woman. At least that's what I got from the conversation. Which made me even more confused because if the goal is making a genderless society, then why would a dress MAKE anyone FEEL like a woman. You should feel LIKE a woman no matter what you have on. I mean, I've never put on a pair of jeans and felt like a man.

Anywho, they went on and on about what people shouldn't say or ask and how some people in the LGBTQ community do NOT care about being called Queer, but others do. Some don't want to be called a Tranny, but some don't care🤦🏽‍♀️. By the time the interview was over, I had a TYPE II headache.

Listen, nothing is wrong with being gay, hell I would be gay if I didn’t love penis so much. But, if the very people who are gay, bi, or whatever are still STRUGGLING with labels how are others supposed to approach it?

Living your truth is about actually stepping up to the plate and owning who you really are, not playing word games with definitions that clearly fit the bill. Love who you love, life is too short to get wrapped up in the small print.

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1 Comment

This was a very confusing topic for the Breakfast Club team and for even Malik. He had to continually ask for a different verbiage to use when addressing those sensitive topics. What really bothers me about this whole situation is the fact that they want acceptance to be different. We have to learn to agree to disagree. If accepting means agreeing I can't accept that type of behavior but in all fairness if a medical doctor in that field verifies this person due to their dna etc has traits of the opposite sex I may be able to understand.

I do realize that some individuals are born with both genitals which is a different topic altogether but does open up…

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