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The Battle For Mayor Heats Up?!

City Councilmember and former president of the Rochester City School Board, Malik Evans announced he is running in the mayoral race. However, Evans' announcement received mixed reviews on Facebook. Educator and Activist Howard Eagle posted on Facebook, "Have y'all heard about this? Some are saying he won't be much better, but I'm elated to hear that he's running. The idea of Ms. Warren running unopposed is unconscionable. Unless someone better emerges, I look forward to rooting for him." However, commenters weren't as "elated" as Mr. Eagle, Rich C. Johnson responded to Eagle, "...what is his position with the mayor besides during the protesting he wasn't vocal on any side. And he left meeting with Free the ppl roc in city hall. I just think he is a place holder for someone elses agenda. No body is contesting the mayor except this gentleman. The way things went behind Daniel Prude it doesnt seem legitimate". Jermaine Johnson commented, "Malik Evans? Lovely? please somebody find me Scooby Doo?

Activist Anthony L. Hall posted a stat regarding the announcement along with the word "Interesting". In Hall's comment section he commented, "...bro we don't need no more "good brothers" we need warriors of change ready to fight the battles of racism and a spirit filled person no more politics over humanity."

Mayor Lovely Warren added her input to the battle for the title of mayor. Warren posted and then deleted her response to Evans' announcement, "We've prepared for this moment. All over the country unfortunately it's been our brothers that have been first in line to take on sisters. The powers that be playbook hasn't changed since the days of slavery. We know our ancestors are looking down upon us and asking... when will our people learn..." The mayor's swift action to respond and then delete the response to Evans left many scratching their heads in disbelief.

Although the performance for Evans' current position as a City Councilmember and former president of the Rochester City School Board is up for debate, some believe he has a chance to take the title. However, Mayor Lovely Warren still has a large group of loyal supporters that may show-up and show-out during the upcoming election. Only time will tell who will be connected with the views of the community the most.

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