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The Bad Blood Between the U.S. and Iran

Robert C. O'Brien has been named as the Trump administration's National Security Advisor, replacing John Bolton.

My first thought is, who is this person exactly? My research points that he is a partner at Larson O'Brien LLP and that he supposedly has expertise in hostage situations.

This tweet sums up the thought process in President Trump's mind pretty well:

Now why would the Trump administration need someone like that at this moment in time? This news comes at a time when Iran is being blamed for the attack on Saudi oil reserves.

Since this appointee is supposedly knowledgeable about hostage situations, the Iran hostage crisis from 1979 comes to mind, when the U.S.-Iran relations tanked. It also doesn't help that the epithet "the Great Satan" comes from a high place in the Iranian regime. Despite the nuclear deal that was established between the Obama administration and Iran, the tensions between the two countries were still present. While Obama was President, Iranian-American journalist Jason Rezaian was imprisoned in Iran and was, in a sense, held hostage.

Despite Otto Warmbier's death shortly after he was released from North Korean imprisonment and allowed to return to the U.S., considering the timing of this National Security Advisor appointment, Iran is likely to be on President Trump's mind.

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