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The 27 Club

People have noticed something strange about the music world. Many beloved musicians die around the age of 27. Musicians come and go in our society but many die at the age of 27 without explanation or known reason, they just happen to die at that age. Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, and Brian Jones all passed away at that age and it seems to be more than just coincidence. I'm not going to get into conspiracy theories but its not just these musicians. Even Wikipedia has a list of celebrities who died at 27. Anton Yelchin who appeared in the Star Trek movies was just beginning his career and died prematurely at the very age of 27. 27 seems to be the most common age for celebrities to die young, and there really isn't any known reason why.

Drugs are often the cause in celebrity deaths. In Cobain's case it was suicide but he had a heavy drug problem that probably led to this. It is beyond bizarre that they all went at the exact age of 27 and this leaves us with a lot of questions that go unanswered. We don't know why these untimely deaths occurred and people like to create conspiracy theories, or invent their own theories of why young celebrities died at this exact age. But what it comes down to is simply nothing more than coincidence, and to think there is something greater behind this is obviously reading too much into it. Maybe more celebrities and musicians will die at this age in the future but not because the age of 27 is particularly unlucky. It is far more likely that we are more reckless in our youth when we are in our twenties. Experimentation with drugs, speeding on the highway and engaging in high risk activities is far more likely in our youth. Age 27 is unlucky for some because of self-abusive behavior, and not because the age of 27 has something profound behind it.

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