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Sudden Spike in COVID-19 Deaths

The United States reported a spike of deaths in a day after several days of a downward trend. The death toll on April 14 reached 2,405, according to John Hopkins University. The total number of US deaths is now over 26,000.

However, despite this spike, health officials maintain that US numbers are leveling. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, "There's no doubt what we've seen over the last several days is a flattening out."

Officials are still warning that states should continue enforcing social distancing measures. Even though numbers are flattening out, they can go up again if Americans begin leaving the house and stop protecting themselves.

© John Nacion/NurPhoto via Getty Images  Medical personnels start their shift at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, USA during coronavirus pandemic on April 12, 2020.

Even when the country reopens and the stay-at-home order is lifted, Americans should still be cautious and practice some social distancing. That could mean continue wearing face masks, especially if you have a cough, washing your hands frequently, and even wiping down kiosks at your favorite fast-food restaurant.

Unfortunately, some sources project that the US may have to continue social distancing measures until 2022, unless a vaccine becomes available.

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