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Stress Management and coronavirus

With the world having a health crisis, shut down of work for various businesses sometimes all you want to do is scream in a brown bag. However learning how to manage stress can add years to your life. Talking from experience, I used to let everything get to me especially health or money problems. I learned both of theses things can change for the better by having self-discipline.

Stress in of itself is not a bad thing. A good amount of stress can bring the best out of you. Too much stress can actually kill you. I learned how to manage stress before it took over my life. The effects of stress made it difficult for me to write poetry or design. It even starts effecting your health (immune system and digestion).

Here are some tips that I used to help reduce stress:

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

Indulge in physical activity (exercise)

Get more sleep

Try relaxation techniques

Talk to someone

Keep a stress diary

Take control

Manage your time

Learn to say "no"

Rest if you are ill



Breathe correctly

Drink some green tea

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