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South Park and China's Censors

South Park is known as one of America's leading shows on satire, and they are not afraid to go after any target. For over twenty years South Park has fearlessly attacked public figures without pulling any punches. Their satire has gotten backlash from Hollywood, celebrities, and radical terrorists who seem to forget why South Park is able to criticize whoever they want. We live in a free and open society where our constitution grants us the freedom to speak whatever is on our mind. And South Park takes full advantage of the fact that we live in a free-democracy where we have the right of freedom of speech. In last week's episode China was criticized for its censorship, and Disney and NBA's were criticized for their tendency to cave into the country's strict censorship laws. South Park is no stranger to controversy and last weeks episode triggered such a negative response that China has banned all traces of the show from its country.

If you use any of China's search engines you won't find a single item on South Park. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't seem to care, as they have a long history of receiving backlash for their opinions and parodies. So at this point they seem unaffected by China's ban over their content. I applaud Trey and Matt for confronting China especially when Disney and the NBA are to scared to do so. I am concerned about this situation because China has a population of over a billion people, and some of those billion have to be fans of South Park. Chinese citizens who are fans of South Park will no longer be able to view the show or find it online and the world sees how their rights are impeded by censorship.

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