Some Good News, Indeed!

Beloved actor John Krasinski asks a timeless question that many of us have: "Why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?"

Such a simple question, with so many complex answers. Right now, still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could ALL use some good news. And this is exactly what Krasinski embraces as he shoots a home-made newscast, with all the charm, wit, and humor that we love about him. There is a special surprise included for any of you who might be big fans of the hit show THE OFFICE, in which John Krasinski starred.

It has happened to the best of us: right now, it's so easy to feel isolated as we practice social distancing; afraid as we hear messages of caution, doom, and gloom from just about every news outlet; some of us have even taken to our beds as we grapple with symptoms. Many of us already fight anxiety and depression, something that this virus seems to virtually feed off of. Does "virus" here mean COVID-19? Or the media? for thought. This newscast, however, is really worth a watch; Krasinski's closing story is especially full of touching, feel-good vibes and is a shining example of how humans can still come together during times like these. It reminds us that we should remember the good things about humanity, rather than focusing on the negative: our resilience, loyalty, instinct to pull each other closer, our ability to love and support each other, and our ability to laugh, even during the darkest of times. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

If you want to follow Krasinski's project, hop on Facebook and search "Some Good News," and enjoy. We will come through this, my friends. Find something to laugh and smile about.

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