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Small Town Mom Goes To Wichita, Kansas

Hello, I would like to introduce myself before I dive in to this. My name is Ciera. My daughter and I live in a small town of about 40 minutes away from Wichita, Kansas. We do not get to go to Wichita often but when we do we try to make the most of it. My mom and dad go with us most of the time.

We generally drop my dad off at the school where he teaches, he teaches a phlebotomy class, after that we go to breakfast most of the time we try to pick a place we haven't been to before. It is usually a bakery or donut shop we have not been to or most of the time heard of before. After breakfast we usually to one of our favorite stores to look around and just enjoy the family time.

If shopping and looking around is not your thing fear not! Wichita has plenty to offer in terms of things, sites, and little hole in the wall shops. The main theater they have also has an IMax experience there are two good sized shopping malls located at the west side and east side of the city. If you are an animal lover they also have a great zoo called the Sedgewick County Zoo they are constantly having events. Another great place to visit is the museums on the river area! They have several museums World Treasure Museum, Exploration Place, the Sports Museum just to name a few!

If you are into architecture take stroll down "old town" they are close to the Museums on the river, and while you are near there check out the "keeper of the plains" statue near dusk they light the basins near nightfall which give off an appealing glow to walk next to. There are also plenty of parks to visit as well and the business district has bronze statues of city life all over the place it can make interesting game of spot the statue! There is so much more to see and do here I just scratched the surface!

When this mom and family goes to Wichita we always find something new and exciting to do or experience! For more information go to for events, festivals, and what's coming up for Wichita.

Thank You for reading!!

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