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Self Improvement During Social Distancing

Step out of social distancing educated, healthy, and improved. Around the U.S. everyone has a lot more time on their hands. Learn something new with these FREE online courses.


Disney has provided the public with wonderful courses that will brighten any day. Learn about the every day life of animators and imagineers via Khan Academy.

Pixar in a Box has lessons about the art of lighting, color science, character modeling, and so much more. Imagineering in a Box takes on a whole new side of Disney. This course focuses on the magic of the Disney Parks. It is made up of three lessons: Creating Worlds, Disigning Attractions, and Bringing Characters to life.

Health & Wellness

Several athletics organizations are offering free online trials during social distancing. Orangetheory is one company offering completely free at home workouts. These videos are available on YouTube as well as on their mobile app. If you're looking for something calmer, Lululemon hosts regular yoga and meditation classes. The classes are held regularly through Instagram Live.


Coursera provides a catalog of hundreds of online courses. They have a section of free classes offered by the likes of Yale, Columbia, and Stanford. All classes are 100% online and include videos and reading to continue to engage your mind.

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