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Save Rochester Inc. "Gun Violence Forum"

As a community leader you must know how important it is for us to have critical dialogue and meaningful conversations; and, with Election Day right around the corner, constituents will want to know where you stand on Rochester's most challenging issues. We want to invite you to be a panelist for our next community forum on gun violence. We also wanted to let you know a little bit about our organization and what we do in our community.

Save Rochester Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a local teacher and humanitarian. It is the vision of Save Rochester Inc. to see connections take shape for the purpose of helping our community thrive. Through bridging the gap between disconnected communities in the Greater Rochester Area, we provide a comprehensive, holistic, and community-based approach to imagine a world without poverty or discrimination. As you may know, gun violence in Rochester is impacting young people the most. Save Rochester Inc. has been a staunch advocate of Stop the Violence campaigns. Our next event will feature an open Town Hall with the new Police Chief David Smith. We will encourage the general public to attend this event and ask the new Police Chief to address their concerns. For an idea of what our town hall may look like, please CLICK HERE.

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