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Sandra Doorley under attack?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

District Attorney Sandra Doorley finally felt the wrath of Daniel Prude’s protesters. The crowd gathered in front of Doorley’s office demanding that she step down. However, the DA released a statement that read, “I will continue to serve as the Monroe County District Attorney, just as I have since 2012,” Doorley said in her statement. “The people of Monroe County resoundingly re-elected me last year and I want to make it abundantly clear that I, along with the employees of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, will continue to ensure that there will be justice, public safety, law and order in this community.”

As protesters demand change, I can only wonder who 80% of the crowd voted for when Doorley was up for re-election. At that time, she was running against Shani Curry-Mitchell. A well qualified Black attorney that promised to be lenient on minor offenses that typically send Black men away for years. Curry-Mitchell was the change I believe we needed. But, the opportunity was missed, now we are calling for change. Do we want REAL change, or do we want to make a lot of noise?

Sandra Doorley has sentenced Black men to lengthy sentences for eight-years. She supports initiatives like Project Exile. According to, Project Exile was formally initiated in February 1997 when indictments of the first group of Project Exile defendants for Federal firearm offenses were announced. Project Exile is based on the principle that, if police catch a criminal in Richmond with a gun, the criminal has forfeited his or her right to remain in the community and, as such, will face immediate Federal prosecution and stiff mandatory Federal prison sentences.

Democrat and Chronicle reported that, In 1998, Rochester became the second city in the country to implement Project Exile. Initiatives like Project Exile may seem necessary when dealing with violent crimes. However, the problem occurs when prosecutors decide who will be charged and who will not. Unfortunately, the Black community has suffered much more than our white counterparts.

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