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Rumor Report: Lovely Warren & minions spread rumored comeback as a judge?

By: Shaun Davis

On December 1, former Mayor Lovely Warren resigned after accepting a plea deal for mishandling campaign finances, a gun, and child neglect charges. The former mayor's chaotic departure from City Hall fueled rumors that the once-rising star would make a surprising comeback. Now, rumors are surfacing as to where Warren could land. We previously reported that Warren allegedly has plans to run for New York State Assembly in an upcoming election. Our other sources tell us she will allegedly be appointed City Court Judge. According to our sources, Warren or her "team" may be responsible for spreading rumors that she could resurface as a city court judge. Allegedly, city court Judge Teresa Johnson is retiring and Warren will be appointed to her seat by interim Mayor James Smith. Judge Johnson and Warren have a long history which may give some credit to these rumors. Tocsin contacted the Board of Elections to confirm Judge Johnson is up for re-election in 2023. We could not confirm if Judge Johnson is retiring.


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