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Roland Martin Interviewing the Leader of N.F.A.C.

by Joyce M Moore

Roland Martin's digital network is focusing the attention on Black crimes and systematic injustices directing at our African Americans. Grand Master Jay has done his homework. Former militant advocate, and upholding of African American rights he states there is a big need to educate our people and letting the community know that owning a gun is important. Although we understand the necessity of having guns, we don't understand the power of having protection. The NRA has always had a response to resistance to obtaining guns for the African American community. The rise in gun purchases has increased since the pandemic and within the last year. Systems are in place banning the purchase of guns and having stringent requirements when trying to purchase concealed vs. unconcealed.

Mainstream media doesn't focus on the racial issues present today or address the severity of this issue, there is a bigger purpose let's keep our eyes open.

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