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Rochester Judge Stephen Lindley Drug Dealers Shooting Other Drug Dealers "Less Dangerous" *Video*

Appellate Judge Stephen Lindley may be in hot water after stating, "Who do you think is more of a threat? A defendant who randomly shoots at somebody just minding their own business then stabs somebody in the neck who doesn't do anything wrong to anyone or a defendant who shoots at another drug dealer over a dispute, who's more dangerous to the community? The discriminatory statement was made during an oral argument on January 24, 2021.

Judge Lindley is best known for releasing former Waterloo Village Justice Roger Barto during his appeal. Barto was facing up to seven years for defrauding taxpayers, but the judge in that case only sentenced Barto to six months.

According to WHEC, Barto made international news after he lied about being injured outside of court during an attack with a toilet tank lid. Barto accepted thousands of dollars in compensation from a taxpayer-funded workers' compensation program to pay for medical bills.



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