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Local Candidates Participate in Political Forums

April 27 will kick off the United Christian Leadership Ministries' highly-anticipated two-week online political forum. Candidates for the Rochester City School Board, Rochester City Council, Monroe County Legislature, and Judgeships, are invited to discuss their plans for hot-button topics like education, police reform, gun violence, racism, and more.

The forums will begin promptly at 6:30 pm on April 27, April 29, May 4, and May 6 via Zoom. Rochester City School Board candidates will be the first to discuss where they stand on issues that impact our community the most. In the past, Rochester City School Board has faced criticism due to massive layoffs and a multi-million dollar deficit. CFO Carleen Pierce says the deficit is linked to a mix of overspending, underestimating the budget, and the district waiting on state and grant money to come in.

In February, Democrat & Chronicle reported the Rochester school board declined to consider a reduction to their own salaries, dismissing the idea as a "talking point" that fails to take their workload into account. Board members' salaries are pegged at 75% of City Council member salaries. This year that equates to $26,245, plus an additional $7,500 for the school board president, Van White. By comparison, Buffalo board members get $15,000 (increased from $5,000 in 2019 after a citizen review committee recommendation). Syracuse board members get $7,500.

Current board members and hopefuls will have the opportunity to address these issues and more. Community members who are interested in participating in the forum may click on the following link during the scheduled times.

April 27, April 29, May 4, May 6, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Link to join Webinar HNXVmxDTjdJZz09

Webinar ID: 814 5379 8338

Password: 379716

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