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Righteous Ones?

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

America continues to paint Qassem Soleimani as a ruthless villain that played a role in the murder of countless Iranians and deserved death as a result. But, how do we, as Americans believe anything that this government has said?

We’ve watched Trump selectively depict different cultures as BAD people, who just happen to be minorities. We’ve also watched this man lie right before our very eyes on camera. Trump has been caught in more lies than Pinocchio😳 and he doesn’t care. So, now we’re supposed to believe this man?

Reports claim Soleimani was loved by his people and his country is devastated by his murder. Just imagine another country deciding it is time to drop bombs on our government officials based on the countless unarmed black men who have been murdered or imprisoned by the American government, would they be justified?

Our country has always maintained an image of superiority, when it comes to the system of democracy. Yet, our democracy is extremely flawed, unbalanced, unjust, and mismanaged. So, how could our government ever pretend to be the righteous ones? Unfortunately, we will never know the truth as it pertains to Iran and the real reason America continues to target their government. We could only hope for a solution that won’t cost any more lives to be lost.

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