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Revised Ten Commandments/Rules For The 21st Century

Warning: Not suitable for fundamentalists of any religion or culture.

The following rules, guidelines or whatever you wish to call them are just based on common sense; more suited to the enlightenment we humans have undergone in the last 50 years and the age we now live in.

  1. Protect and nurture children. They are the future and not the playthings of pedophiles, warlords and the cruel and inhumane of any country.

  2. If you cannot obey rule number 1, go live on a desert island. Stay away from children.

  3. Treat other human beings as you would have them treat you. With respect for their rights that are equal to your rights.

  4. Men and women are equal and are to treat each other as such regardless of religious dogma, political beliefs, places of origin and culture.

  5. Treat animals in a humane and humble manner and be thankful we have them among us. They also have rights.

  6. If you are rich with more money than you and your family can possibly spend in a lifetime, help the poor, the mistreated and disenfranchised.

  7. Not one person on the planet is born with more rights or lesser rights than any other person.

  8. Do not take the life of another human being unless you and your family and your right to quiet enjoyment are threatened and there is no other choice.

  9. Do not allow evil to flourish by supporting political tyrants, warlords, predatory corporations, religious zealots, crooked politicians, misogynists, and bullies as well as any other human being who cannot live within these rules.

  10. The Planet Earth is the only home for all living creatures that we know of. As a resident, it is your responsibility to not pollute, defile, waste or use more than your share of the earth’s resources.

There are many other rules that could be added to this list but I thought I would limit it to ten. Feel free to add more in the comment section. If they make sense and fall within the general purpose of this list, I will update.

Words by fromer US President Jimmy Carter

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