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Resource For Family of Incarcerated People

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Extended Family, a support system for families of prisoners

P.O. Box 26, Centre, AL 35960

Office: 256-927-3038 or 256-927-7997


Web Site:

If you have a family member in a county jail, state or federal prison, we can help.

Since 2003, Extended Family has been teaching families of prisoners how to successfully adjust to a new way of life. We offer a free, solution-based approach to the prison experience. Answers are at your fingertips. The type of support you want, when you want it.

Resource Database: We are constantly updating this on-line tool with services helpful to families of prisoners. You can find resources right in your own community by visiting, or call us at 256-927-7997.

Extended Family for Kids: A curriculum-based program for small groups of children who have a loved one incarcerated. It includes fun, flexible lessons that build self-esteem and communication skills, decrease stress, address anger issues, and increase a student's ability to make good choices. Contact Extended Family at 256-927-7997 to find out how your child can enroll in Extended Family for Kids.

One-to-One Networking Service: When you call Extended Family, 256-927-7997, you talk to another family member of a prisoner who understands what you are going through.

We answer questions about the prison system, visitation, phone calls, and more;Discuss ways of explaining incarceration to children and how to adjust;Connect you with experts around the country;And much more.

Re-Entry Division: To assist families and returning citizens through the transition of re-entry, this Division offers educational programs to help the process of “going home” run smoothly for everyone.

E-Newsletter: Sign up for Extended Family's newsletter at our Web site –

You will get monthly tips on navigating the prison experience, a Resource of the Month, helpful hints from other family members, update on events, and more.

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