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Reasons We Still Love Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We're loving the 90's right now- the music, the clothes, the hair, the Slayer...There's a reason Buffy the Vampire Slayer still makes top 100 streaming lists.

The year was 1997. We lost two female legends- Princess Diane and Mother Theresa. Scientists cloned their first sheep in Scotland. The public was first introduced to Pokemon.

And The Slayer staked her first vampire in an epic teen angst meets kickass heroine television show that millions still stream and talk about.

There's Something About Joss Whedon

In addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he also created Firefly and Dollhouse. He was the writer and mastermind behind The Cabin in the Woods, arguably one of the better written and more dynamic horror movies of a generation that changed the horror game. Whedon brought his game to this show, earning him a name for creating complex characters, with notable character arcs. Which made the show satisfying as hell to watch.

Girl Power, Tragic Romance, and Snark

Buffy enters the scene ready to kick ass, but we observe true bravery when she allows herself to be vulnerable, fall in love, lean into her friends. Willow starts off as the "book smart" character, the computer nerd. She's brilliant, necessary, and she grows into her own power, literally.

We watch them navigate first love and heartache in all its colors and textures.

And all the while there's an edgy humor, a level of joyful snark and sarcasm unparalleled by any other teen drama show of its time. It pokes fun at itself, I mean, there's a brilliant musical episode.

It Had Something to Say About Loss and Grief

There was no brushing over death in this show. More than one character loses someone they deeply love and care about, and no one character handles it the same. Some go their separate ways for awhile, seeking answers. Others hold onto their anger. In the end, they discover that grief is something you have to go through, not around, and it's better, always better, if you accept the support of the people who care about you.

Spike and Five by Five

This vampire doesn't sparkle, he gleams and struts and sneers at us in smexy British fashion and we adore his badness and go along with him for the ride as he discovers new facets of himself. Angel was beautiful, dark, and debonair, but Spike delivered, often with a little cheese on the side.

And still, we wonder, what does Five by Five even mean, Faith?

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