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Real or Fake?

So I’m scrolling through my Instagram and I notice a lady I used to be close with requested me (I deleted her after somethings went down). But I excepted her friend request anyway. I said what the hell. I have nothing to hide plus like I said we were really close at one point and SOME people change, especially if they move away and start a new life.

It just made me think about all the friendships or so-called friendships I’ve had throughout my life. I’ve had a best friend for over 20 years and we fell out for the second time in 10 years. This time I feel we’re better off associates/friends at a distance. It is what it is. We still keep in touch, just not like we used to. I still love her but sometimes people outgrow one another.

My other best friend of 16 years is awesome. We’ve only fell out once and neither of us remember why lmao. But she’s been a great friend, sister, godmother, and a listening ear when I need it. We ride for each other and I love her to infinity.

There’s been sporadic friendships here and there, mainly work relationships, but that’s why I said you have to figure out what’s real and what’s fake. I’ve always had more male friends than females but the females I did click with were rare. I get along with everybody in general but let’s admit it, some females just clash. But I have met some amazing women that have been there for me and then there’s the ones that distance themselves when shit gets real.

I’ve learned and steady learning how to separate the two. I’m learning how to evaluate a person’s reason for befriending me. What can you benefit from me and vice versa? Some people are users, some are envious, and then there’s the slim amount that are genuine. Some friendships ended because someone instigated and others ended because I allowed others to manipulate my way of thinking and doing.

I’m a work in progress and I have no ill will towards anybody. I wish everyone the best.

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