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RCSD Superintendent Vegas Vacation, Beefs With School Board, Parents Scramble For Transportation?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Tensions between the current superintendent and the Rochester City School Board are escalating. Board member Beatriz LeBron appeared on Facebook LIVE to inform the community of the transportation shortage. In the 17 minute video, LeBron took shots at someone for apparently being on vacation during peak time and their leadership ability. Now we are learning the unnamed person is superintendent Dr. Lesli Myers-Small. According to our sources, Dr. Myers-Small was on vacation in Las Vegas and left principals with the daunting task of informing parents of the bus shortage just days before classes.

Dr. Lesli Myers-Small addressed the media Saturday after RCSD Board President Van White allegedly cut her vacation short. Sources close to the situation advised us White demanded Myers-Small return to Rochester during a heated conference call. It is unclear if they learned of the vacation during the conference call or if someone tipped them off to her whereabouts. Sources claim she was on a flight back to Rochester shortly after the conversation. Our Facebook snitches stated Myers-Small did not publicly post photos or comment about being on vacation.

However, Myers-Small confirmed she was on an “approved” vacation and worked with her team remotely at the Special Board Meeting on September 3. The meeting focused on the current transportation crisis at RCSD. The superintendent stated the bus shortage is an issue throughout Monroe county. Unfortunately, RCSD is the only district to announce a last-minute change in the start date for students.

Myers-Small pleaded with community members interested in being a driver to contact RCSD as she declared the bus shortage a "civil rights issue". The superintendent continued with a bizarre twist when she attempted to place blame on the shoulders of parents, guardians, government officials, and other city residents by stating, "This is a community issue, it does not solely rest on the Rochester City School District." But, many believe the last-minute disclosure of the bus mishap rest entirely on RCSD including the superintendent and the Rochester City School Board.

The board hired Dr. Lesli Myers-Small, the former superintendent of the Brockport Central School District after former superintendent Terry Dade unexpectedly resigned. Myers-Small is the first woman of color to become the superintendent of the RCSD. Allegedly, the thrill is gone as infighting between board members and the superintendent ensues. Rumors that Myers-Small's attorney delivered an ultimatum for more pay less than a year on the job caused more chaos. Now, parents and guardians are paying the price of a dysfunctional leadership unable to work together to educate our children.

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