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Ravond Simms Caught in Vicious Custody Battle

On August 8, New York State issued an Amber alert for three-year-old Ravond Simms. The toddler was reported missing and traveling with an adult woman. Now, we have learned the adult woman, identified as Shirley Santy, is Ravond's maternal grandmother. Facebook posts claim Santy is a Correctional Officer at Prince George County jail. The grandmother of little Ravond and other family members appeared to be locked in a custody battle with a temporary guardian.

The poster of Ravond Simms was removed from the website of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. We reached out to the organization for an explanation. We received the following statement, "Thank you for contacting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. We still have an active missing case for that child. There are multiple reasons a child's poster may be removed from our website."

According to multiple Facebook posts and a Live video, a man identifying himself as the "grandfather" of Ravond is speaking out. Vandell D. Marshall claimed Ravond had been living with his ex-wife and daughter since birth after Ravond's biological mother signed over temporary custody to the family.

Facebook commenters have clearly drawn sides. Which side do you agree with?

To watch the entire Live click link below.

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