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Racist Tactics Used to Remove Mayor Lovely Warren?

Mayor Lovely Warren’s nightmare of a possible prison sentence has ended. The first Black female mayor faced felony charges that may have resulted in time behind bars. However, the Monroe County District Attorney's Office and Warren's legal team agreed to a plea deal. According to reports, Warren pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge with a 12-month conditional discharge. The conditional discharge includes resigning as mayor by Dec. 1. Warren's plea covers a second indictment on charges of criminal possession of a firearm, endangering the welfare of a child, and failure to lock/secure the firearms in a dwelling. Many residents heard the news and had mixed reactions to the DA's plea agreement.

The narrative of an illegal gun-toting, untrustworthy, drug dealing mayor directly responsible for gun violence played out for months. So, why settle now? Maybe the goal was to remove her from power, not to prosecute. Rumors circulated of beef between the mayor and former challenger Rachel Barnhart, who allegedly has ties to District Attorney Sandra Doorley. The stereotype of a Black woman involved in illegal activities is an easy sell to voters, which helped ensure a win for Councilman Malik Evans.

One must ask, would the same plea deal be presented if Warren had won the primary election? Unfortunately, we will never know. The truth is, racist practices have played a role in the corruption of the American government for centuries. So, the idea that race does not play a major or minor role, is foolish.

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