Update: Protesters Take On Spencerport

Spencerport Black Lives Matter and Strength 2 Say held a press conference and rally at Spencerport Board of Education on Saturday. The organizers came together in support of Assistant Principal Steve Lysenko. Lysenko was placed on leave after a video of him saying, "F*** the police" during a BLM protest went viral.

Many parents of Spencerport students, spoke out against Lysenko controversial statement. Now, activists and community members are openly voicing their support for Lysenko.

Organizers of the event also released a list a demands to put in place to ensure equity in the Spenceport school district.

Please click the link below to review demands:

Spencerport Black Lives Matter: Demands For Spenceport Central School

Spencerport Assistant Principal Steve Lysenko has the support of activist and educator Clianda Yarde after he was placed on leave for protesting arm and arm with BLM. Lysenko came under fire by parents and staff of Spencerport, after a video of him saying “F*** the police” went viral. Lysenko stated, police used excessive force during a peaceful protest.

Organizers and activists marched in Spencerport and chanted “We want Lysenko”. Counter protesters were also on hand holding up a sign that read ‘Keep America Great” and yelling “All Lives Matter”.

A press conference and rally is scheduled for Saturday, September 12 at 12pm. It will be held at Spencerport Board of Education located at 71 Lyell Ave, Spencerport, NY 14559.

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