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Post Election Trauma - Ballot Recounts

by Joyce M Moore

The Trump Administration is in a state of denial and using taxpayers' dollars to get a recount of voter ballots. However, notice where they are focused on the recounts. The reports are showing PA, WI, MI, AZ, and GA are the main focus of this recount. The irony is back in 2016, those same states were won by Trump. Republicans are arguing there is black voter fraud in these states. It's amazing how cynical and childish our political system is. This sounds like some street thuggish mess in a desperate attempt to hold on to their power. I think our government has been watching too much reality tv and running the White House in the same manner. Why not team up with the Democrats and find a solution for something even greater, like social issues, mental health, and solutions for the current pandemic state? The Republicans are wasting way too much time with this whole recount. So much wasted energy and wasted taxpayer dollars. Can they only operate under revenge? I blame Mitch Mcconnell who is the leader of this chaos. He must have no control at home most people in power with this much desperation has some other things going on. Since they have nothing else to operate with they are definitely operating in fear. Why do American citizens have to pay taxes for this type of behavior? I'm sure our allies and other countries are sitting back shaking their heads and finding this as entertainment. The political system that is supposed to govern its citizens on values is proving to be unstable and definitely not trustworthy. The U.S. has so much chaos in their own country how can we handle world affairs? We are falling deeper and deeper into this bottomless pit. Can you believe it? The leaders of the U.S. are a joke. "The world is a tale told by two idiots" by Mark Twain definitely is significant. Also keep in mind the states where Trump won no recount are mentioned such as IA, NE, KS, etc. The political system is definitely insulting our intelligence and is definitely time to show who has the most power. This is like watching a basketball game where the team hasn't had a win in years and shooting cheap shots to get a victory. It is going to be very interesting in the December 7 Senate election date. What will the Republicans do when they lose? It's never-ending if you can't beat them join them that's what I was told. Roland Martin speaks about this in his latest Daily Digital Show check it out.

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