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Possible mass shooting stopped, by BRAVE Texas dad calling cops on his 27 year old son.

600 miles from El Paso , Texas. Just a month after 22 people were shot in a mass shooting at Walmart, a worried and concerned father called in a suspicion to the police.

police were able to intercept the 27 year old man with mental health issues before anyone was hurt.

It was reported that he had withdrawn a lot of money with the intention to buy several guns. Police reported that the man was turned down when he tried to purchase guns at "several" local stores as a result of background checks.

The police department's Crisis Intervention Team searched for the suspect and found him in west, downtown Fort Worth Area; with $600 to $700 cash!

He then "stated he was going to buy a gun off the street." the police say.

"He made multiple statements to officers indicating he was going to harm many people and kill as many as he could," said a responding officer; Landon Rollins, said that the man "believed I was trying to kill him right then and there with my mind,"

The father is being called a BRAVE man for coming forward about his son and getting him the help that he needs and believe that the father saved many people's lives that day.

Now AT LEAST 14 people have been arrested JUST THIS MONTH for threatening a mass shooting.

Now I don't know what needs to be done, but it needs done now!

mental illness is not getting any better and mass shootings and violence are coming closer and closer to our neighborhoods.. we need to come together and stop the violence.

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